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Rent cutting-edge IT products for events, exhibitions, conferences & co-orporates

The leading technology provider of rental solutions for event and IT professionals is US IT Services. All initiatives and the people who lead them can be successful with the proper technology combined with the right services

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Mackbook-Pro - USIT Services

Maac Book Pro

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Samsung Tab - USIT Services

Samsung Tab

Gaming Laptop &Work Station - USIT Services

Gaming Laptop &Work Station

Printer - USIT Services


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Networking Products

Printer - USIT Services


Why choose US IT Services?

 Wprovide various items, including laptops, desktop computers, printers, tablets, imac computers, servers, and many other office IT equipment in Delhi NCR. “Get a high-quality Laptop on Rent with the best quality.

Delivery across India - USIT Services

Delivery across India

We have numerous branches and warehouses all over India, which enables us to provide the appropriate product to our consumers at the appropriate time, preventing them from running out of merchandise just when they need it most.

Affordable Prices - USIT Services

Affordable Prices

With simple and accessible payment choices, we provide the most affordable for all IT system on rent to our clients.

Post-Rental Assistance - USIT Services

Post-Rental Assistance

We’re only a phone call away! For any type of requirement, including on-site support, remote troubleshooting, or other problem solving, our exceptional customer service specialists are ready round-the-clock.

Hight Fill Rate - USIT Services

Hight Fill Rate

We have a robust supply chain that is backed by a huge inventory chain across all product categories Delhi NCR which is growing with each passing time. We cater to each and every IT requirement and offer the best products without compromising on quality and quantity!

Flexible Tenure - USIT Services

Flexible Tenure

We provide flexible tenure options for renting laptops, desktops, printers, tablets and any other IT goods, ranging from a day to a week, a month to a year, depending on your business needs.

Complete Solutions -USIT Services

Complete Solutions

US IT Services offers complete solutions, from giving the proper software solution needed for the right kind of work to networking solutions and any other IT needs. A business needs a variety of solutions to complement the IT products that are being utilized.

Bulk and Corporate Deal - USIT Services

Bulk and Corporate Deal

With a huge inventory of products, unmatched network of service associates and Pan India presence, US IT Services has set itself as a company of choice for any type of corporate and bulk deals.

Day One Delivery - USIT Services

Day One Delivery

US IT Services strives to be a provider of solutions rather than merely a supplier.


How To Rent Your Equipment?

Request a Quote - USIT Services

Request a Quote

By speaking with our specialists to obtain precise quotations and choose the offer that best meets your demands, you can seek out tailored programs for your company’s needs.
Payment - USIT Services


For all of our customers’ needs in IT products, we provide simple and personalized payment solutions.

Delivery- USIT Services


We work hard to get whatever you require to your door in the quickest amount of time.
Post Rental Support - USIT Services

Post Rental Support

For all of our rental goods, we offer strong post-rental assistance. We’re only a phone call away! You can contact us whenever you have a problem with a product, and we’ll do our best to fix it right away.

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Apple Mac Book Pro

Apple-iPad -USIT Services

Apple ipad

Gaming & Graphics Laptop - USIT Services

Gaming Laptop

Samsung-Tab -USIT Services

Samsung Tab

Laptop - USIT Services

Core i5

Laptop - USIT Services

Core i7

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