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1.    Taxes: The above quoted rates are exclusive of GST. However, the present rate for above is 18%. All the rates of statutory taxes and duties mentioned are as per prevailing rate, if any changes in the statutory taxes and duties structures are introduced after the date of this offer the revised rates would be charged accordingly.

2.    Payment Terms: Rental payment in advance along with one month security payment advance with  Purchase order.

3.    Delivery : Delivery after confirmation 3 to 5 day in Delhi NCR after and within 10 to 15 days out of Delhi NCR receipt of your confirmed Purchase Order.

4.    Cancellation Charges: Order once placed can not be canceled. However, in an extraordinary situation in case the order is canceled prior to the contract period, 75% of the balance amount for the remaining period has to be paid as cancellation fee.

5.    LIEN: The equipment supplied is the sole property of US IT SERVICE (referred hereinafter as The Company) and is given to you on rent for the period specified in the Invoice / Delivery Challan / Purchase Order.

6.    Receipt of Materials: Please receive the materials in good condition only. Once accepted it will be assumed that the goods have been received in good condition & as per the purchase order.

7.    Maintenance: The customer is expected to take proper care of the equipment taken by him on rent from us. If any damage / loss occurs or else   if our equipment is seized for any illegal cause whatsoever the client is responsible to pay the market price of the equipment immediately and such recoveries are not to be adjusted against rent.

8.    Service Support:
•         All our machines/equipment will be maintained by us only. Only hardware related problems will be attended to. The Company will not be responsible for software/internet/virus related problems. Loss caused to the system due to mishandling or handling by unauthorized persons will have to be compensated by the customer immediately.
•         No services during lockdown. You can only replace laptops from our office .
•         Requests for service can be made with US IT SERVICES, Delhi. Details will be forwarded upon receipt of the order. You can also log your complaint by sending a mail to ujjwal@usitservices.in.
•         The average response time to a request for service will not exceed 24:00 hrs. In case the next day being a US IT SERVICES, service request would be attended to on the next working day.

9.    We will not be responsible for any loss of data that may be caused due to hard disk failure or any other system failure. The customer is advised to take regular back-ups to avoid loss of data.

10.    Transportation: As per actual

11.    Insurance: All insurance for the equipment supplied is the client’s responsibility.

12.    The equipment will not be sub-leased, mortgaged or in any way parted with except with the express written consent of the Company. Any act contrary to the above will be treated as “Criminal Breach of Trust” under the IPC and dealt with as such at the clients’ costs and consequences.

13.    The customer will extend full support for inspection of our systems as & when required.

14.    We reserve the right to take back our system from the clients’ premises in the event of violation of any of the above terms & conditions.

15. Discontinuation of Services : One month notice is required by the client/customer who is using the rental services of IT equipment before withdrawal of the same else the client will be charged for the coming month rent as per the last invoice for a period of 1 month.

16.    This contract is subject to Delhi jurisdiction only.

17.    Any alteration to these terms & conditions can be made only in writing & subject to the written consent of both the parties.

18. Once Client will not communicate/respond regarding the payment and material with us till 1 Month. We are authorised to deposit the security deposit cheque into the bank and once the cheque is bounced will do the legal action against them. All expenses will be paid by the client of legal action. .

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